Our team work with parents whose children are aged 5-19 years and are at risk of not achieving their potential because of multiple factors such as; poor parenting/family functioning , domestic violence ,mental health issues within the family, substance misuse, anti-social behaviour, criminality, poor housing conditions, poor school attendance , low income and Gun & Knife Crime. LYRC’s Family Support team work with the family by giving them tools to take control of their own lives, building on family and community strengths, thereby improving the quality of their lives and those of the whole community


  • Improving family relationships

  • Counselling Therapy

  • Coping with crisis and finding solutions to common problems

  • Help with managing children’s behaviour

  • Practical and emotional support and advice

  • Structured parenting programmes & Workshops

  • Supporting parents with children’s education, school attendance and behaviour

  • Providing a link to other services, groups and individuals


  • Mentoring—One to One support and for young people experiencing challenges including those who are vulnerable and at risks of gun, gangs and knife crime.

  • Harmony Project—After school programmes

  • Family events includes affordable family holiday

  • Personal Development— which includes goal setting, positive paths, career paths, health, personal, social and emotional devel- opment, taking respon-sibility for actions and keeping safe

  • Counselling & Advice

  • Help with school attendance and behaviour

  • Providing a link to other services, groups and individuals



LYRC Family Life is an initiative that supports and empowers families facing many difficult issues and circumstances to build lives they want to lead. LYRC Family Life can work with family for up to 2 hours a week per family. By providing support, and can intervene at an early stage creating immediate benefits for families and wider benefits for the communities they live in.


Referrals come to us from Family Support Co-ordinator within the schools,Youth Offending Service, PRU


Whilst the Family Life Programme is a 12 part programme, divided into 4 stages drawn from established findings of human development, we also work with professional services within the Borough to connect with the families and give them the specialised support they may need in areas such as addiction, abuse, job search/employment and other agencies.



Families will be invited by the school’s, youth offending Service Family Support Co-ordinator with LYRC Family Support Worker to meet, on a One-to-One basis where they will be introduced to the programme and their needs discussed.


Meaningful plans for change are developed with the parents. These plans would include work and learning, having a healthy home life, improving the child and parents behaviour within a caring environment.


The tools given to the families will help them build the core skills that are needed to carry out the plan and will be encouraged into new opportunities, e.g in training and employment and new activities in order to increase their capacity for growth and development.


Establishing and cementing new social networks and ensuring longevi- ty the families will have a better chance of living independently within the community and add to its life.

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