LYRC mentors come from all walks of life and have vast experience relevant to our mentoring programmes.  In layman's terms, they have 'been there and done that', and now, they want to show others an alternative route. They are well trained, perceptive and possess a passion to help young people find the right direction in life.


Our mentoring program is the framework of all our projects. Every young person is assigned a personal mentor dedicated to guiding them toward a better life. Their initial needs are discussed and progress is documented through their Individual Mentoring Program structured specifically to match each person's needs.


LYRC offers various services to help and support young people aged between 9-18 years from various London Boroughs. To help young people get greater control over their life, support comes in various shapes and sizes.

Referrals come to us from our current contacts of schools, youth offending
service, pupil referral units, and other youth services. A referral form is available on request.