In April 2008 Hillary Thompson, Claudette Andrews and the Late Yvette Rudder founded the Life Youth Resource Centre (LYRC).


Hillary has worked tirelessly over the years to provide young people with role models to help guide and support them to live out their full potential in life. 


Being a mother herself of two boys, and understanding the challenges of parenthood, especially in today’s world, she ensures that the parents are also given support along their journey of nurturing and caring for children and young people.


Hillary Thompson

Project manager/artisitic Director

Jonathan Davis has worked in the youth sector for several years, he has gained a Diploma in working with Children and Young People and has gained a great deal of experience working with young people with challenging behaviour and supporting young people through mentoring.

Jonathan recently completed a Degree in Drama, Applied Theatre and Performance and is skilled in facilitation, directing and creating projects.  Jonathan believes drama can be used as a mentoring mechanism to support young people, he has shown this with the good results of carrying out ongoing workshops.


Jonathan Davis